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 These are some links that we have accumulated and now use for identification and general information.
We hope that they are of use to our readers, too.
All links will open into a new window so that you can keep this window open for quick reference.

Where there are blanks... they will be filled... we are open to suggestions for the blanks and others where there is a link that readers use that we haven't discovered...

First stop:      

  • Loire Valley Nature  - -  Created by Susan & Simon [who live in Preuily-sur-Claise], this site is in their own words..."...designed to be used as an English language natural history web resource for lowland central France.".
  • Planet Passion - - Based in 86, this site [just below us] covers most things too.


Taking the Long-vue
More specific info:

Sunset stamens


If you have a good natural history link that you would like to share, please leave details using the comments box.

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