Thursday, 27 October 2011

A teaser for the Weekend

Early September was our last posting.... and much has happened.
We've been a bit too busy to put much up lately... despite being assured that Winter is here by the return of the Dabchick and the Robins... and getting in the harvest and processing tomatoes as fast as we can because of the frosts.... nursing colds.... watching a possible juvenile Goshawk  up on the ridge opposite [but it never getting close enough to make a positive identification] we thought we'd better keep our readers entertained.
So here is a picture quiz!
What are these four?





This is coming up with the irritating "lightbox" effect... but I will leave it like that as it works quite well in this instance.... just remember to click on the white X in the top right hand corner to get back to the blog entry.

We will give you the answers next week.

Hopefully, the internet cable will be installed through to the house from the office by then... and it will mean we will be more able to write on the fly and posts will become more frequent!!


Jean said...

1. the base of a dead courgette plant

2. a mouldy mushroom

3. bark of some kind maybe

4. some part of an insect's ananomy ?

(word vefification is "unwel" !!)

Hope your colds are soon better.

Tim said...

One out of four ain't bad!
And thanks... so do we!!
How does Blojja come up with the too good not to comment on w/vs?

Susan said...

I think 1 is an old scar on an old willow or maybe ivy trunk. I think 2 is a slug of some sort. 3 I have no idea. And the initials of the 4th one are MC. I still haven't seen any this year.