Tuesday, 15 November 2011

We're late, we're late for a very important date!


1st Crane "Where are all the others?"
2nd Crane "Told you we shouldn't have stopped for coffee!"

1st Crane "We didn't stop long."

2nd Crane "Yes, but if you'd had a double espresso like me, you'd be all fired up to fly faster! Instead, you had to have a grand café créme...."

At 4:15 pm a pair,.... yes, just a pair, of Common cranes [grus grus] flew over our house.
There were no others to be seen.... and we didn't hear any either.

But they were desperately trying to form a V!!


Niall & Antoinette said...

We had a V yesterday with 1 who obviously also hadn't had an espresso. I was too far away from the house to rush in, get camera and get back outside in time to take a pic. SIGH!

Tim said...

Looks like they are coming in dribs and drabs at the moment! On Monday there was definately a flight, that Pauline heard first and called me, which must have passed over Petit Pressigny... it was the other side of the hill south of us and receeeeeding! Sounded like quite a lot.