Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A whether or knot report for May!

Just a quicky... 

Cloth of Gold at the end of a Rainbow...
[taken from our lounge window]

Wot a munth... 
wot a depressin' munth!!!
Still... here's a weather revue...

...for our very grotty May

Temperature in °Centipede
Minimum*          1.3°C on the 24th
Maximum          27.0°C on the 7th
Highest Minimum  13.1°C on the 8th
Lowest Maximum   12.4°C on the 20th
Mean Minimum     6.6°C
Mean Maximum     19.1°C
Air frosts*       0

Rainfall in mm [given what we have had... think of mm as Metric Metres!!]
Total for month  64.5mm
Wettest day      10.8mm on the 21th
High rain rate   16.2mm on the 8th
Rain days        17

Wind in kilometres per hour
Highest Gust     15.8km/h on the 8th
Average Speed    0.0km/h
Wind Run         0.4 km
Gale days        0

Pressure in millibars
Maximum          1014.4mb on the 13th
Minimum          989.0mb on the 16th

Here's hoping we get a better dose in the next couple of months... for the farmers as well as us!!

* For Susan.... on the 24th the Apparent Temperature was below Zero°C from 4:30AM to 6AM...


Susan said...

That sounds about right. That will be why my basil has turned up its toes and Madame la Voisine's fruit has all fallen.

Susan said...

PS What a fun pic!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Was better weather in Lancashire UK by the look of your figures. We certainly did not have that amount of rain. Wot a surprise especially for Lancs!!!

Our Basil, which we grow from seed and planted out before we went back has survived, just. The only thing that has grown well is the grass!
Lets hope for some sun over the next few weeks.

GaynorB said...

Beautiful photograph, Tim.

The stats back up your weather rants. Staffordshire felt better but I haven't got the stats to prove it. It is certainly wonderful as I type.