Monday, 13 October 2014

A few pictures of chiffchaffs

... le pouillot véloce, phylloscopus collybita, out of the 49 or so taken out of the spare bedroom window on 11th October as they chased flies on the house wall in the sunshine. In between times they were going "chiff-chaff".

This is my favourite.

How long are those primaries?

At rather a strange angle

Got one!

Look! It's a really nice one!

A nice view of those primaries

How to look cute

I got one as well!

Cute and primaries! What more could one ask for?

Small greenish yellow warbler, dark streak through eye, pale streak above and below,  dark legs, short wings... check. Er - rather a long beak, flattish head - is this one a willow warbler?

'Oo're you lookin' at? Hey, there's a hom sap over there with a camera!

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Colin and Elizabeth said...

Great pictures, will have to keep an eye out for the ones in our garden now some of the leaves are going.