Monday, 12 May 2014

We are parents!

That's how it feels, anyway. Since 10th March, at  first light we have watched the mallard duck escorted to her front doorstep by her drake, bathe herself, snatch a bite to eat, and make her way up the bank of the millstream to slip beneath a screen of overhanging brambles. We first saw the pair inspecting the site on 7th March. We have seen her come out on a couple of occasions, and going up at different times of the day, but her favourite break time away from her nest is sunrise. These pictures were taken on 28th April at 6:53. 

At the bottom of the slope

Going up

and vanishing into the brambles

This morning we glimpsed her shepherding at least five ducklings along the edge of the water, shielding them with her body. And where was her husband during all this activity? Down the pub as usual, like as not.


Jean said...

He could have been at the office, earning a crust to feed the family!
On the other hand, you're probably right, he'll be bragging to his mates over a pint ot three.....

Pollygarter said...

Actually this lady seemed at one time to be part of a menage à trois but the spare husband was swiftly shouldered aside!

Sheila said...

Hope to see pics of the chicks
soon. Still no more news of the
poor little moorhen, though?
Might have been quite a conflict
if there were hatchlings from both
at once.

Unknown said...

Lovely that the hatching was successful. Look forward to the first baby pictures. amelia