Friday, 23 May 2014

Where there's life

The flag iris have reappeared as the waters of the bief begin to fall. The plant is flattened by the force of the flow and it's impossible to tell at this stage whether it will spring back up or stay like that. There is little sign of the moorhen's nest.

No point in trying to rebuild while the river's at this level...

However Myrtle has been through to check. She mooched about on the iris, pulling at a leaf here and there, then had a good groom and swam away.

Got to look your best if you're to find another mate


Jean said...

I'm glad she came back.
Should we be taking bets on whether she will build another one?

Pollygarter said...

Apparently the female makes the running in the mating stakes. We just hope she meets a nice feller. That will put her back on track. Right now she's lacking everything her instincts and memories tell her she has to have. She is grieving, in her own way. She may continue to add random bits and pieces to the nest in a rather half-hearted fashion. It rather depends on how much of it is left. There's a drive there, but it's not operating at full power.