Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Nature rambles in Touraine

Today, along with a lot of "pub" (advertising material) this little leaflet arrived in our letter box.

Going out in Touraine

It's the 2014 Calendar of Nature trips in Sennsitive Natural Spaces, and it's full of walks and visits to a wide range of sites, led by various bodies including the LPO and La Maison de la Loire at Montlouis.

Take mountaineering gear if planning to join the 5th August visit. If you wanted to join the 4th March trip - bad luck.
It's an essential item for any nature lover in Touraine. It's so new it isn't on the Conseil Général's web site yet, but you will eventually be able to download a copy (keep nagging here - select Environnement if necessary). You should also find copies at a Tourist Office. The Conseil Général's Environment pages can be found here.


Unknown said...

Looks interesting. We haven't had anything like that for Charente Maritime yet. I expect ours will follow, well, I hope it will.

Tim said...

You could print off our two pix and take them along to your local Tourisme and ask about your region's version?
That might nudge them into doing something...
It is our Conseil général's department that produces it each year...
it is one of their strong points touristically speaking.