Thursday 27 April 2023

The village in Noir et Blanc


Pauline had a Doctors appointment in our village a couple of days ago....
so I decided to pass the wait going KiMono... and had a bit of fun!!

Pentax has brought out a new, mono only SLR and everyone Pentaxian is taking Mono pix... hence, because of the K-mount... KiMono [and of course kimonos are Japanese]

Anyway, I hadn't tried the Mono settings on the K-3iii [which is the model from which they are making the new mono-only camera]...
and half-an-hour on a sunny April day seemed to be a good time to try them out.

These are ten of the photos that I think show the archi"texture" off.

The London Plane in front of the Mairie is now a couple of hundred years old

The Mairie... dominating the town... the front entrance.... is around the back!!

A quiet Grande Rue [for a change]....

A well positioned bench!

The Castle still looms o'er the town

Another view of the b'... looming castle!

The church with its mossy roof

All is quiet, no one about!

All's always quiet on a Wednesday

Except for someone checking her change!