Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Summer visitor

Yesterday evening a small, yellowish bird with a black face showed up, flycatching over the bief.... this is the picture I managed to grab of the face...

Black around the face...

Obvious eye-stripe!
Couldn't figure out what it was, the light was a golden evening sunlight... that coloured everything!
Managed to get another picture that showed more of the bird... and the jizz [way it behaved and looked] said Warbler!

Probably a Willowchiff.... which is birdspeak for "Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff" as these two are so similar, it is usually only when you hear them sing you know the difference....

Then, this morning it was outside the door, flycatching again... but had lost last nights black face... it was a Chiffchaff [probably - they are usually the first to return...] and then later there were two of them flitting about... and only twenty days to Summer time!
Dark legs....Chiffchaff! Probably?

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