Saturday 17 December 2022

'Bout time I changed what I look at in the mornings!!

 I haven't posted for yonks.... mainly because there's been nothing like the hare incedent happening here at all.... and I had very nasty legs for a while and that and Covid kept me from doing things that I could blog about.... so what have I been doing.

With the help of Alex and Nicole, I have managed to get on top of the potager.... just in time to start gardening properly and get hit by this years drought!! Gah!!!!

I have been putting data up to iNaturalist because it is important for data to be collected and publicised during this period of rapid climate change and it is a worldwide site.... and very easy to add your observations to as all you have to do is post the photo and it lifts date and time from your photo's metadata.... and your position if you are using a 'phone or have your camera's GPS turned on.

I have also been posting photos to a site called Photocrowd.... you put photos in for adjudication under different themes and the "crowd" rate your photographs.
I am currently in the top 3.5% out of 17,000 photographers.... which is quite a boost to the old morale.
And because of that, I thought I would post some of those pictures on an irregular basis, but more frequent of late.....

Now, how do I add photos on this.....


He'd smoked all his life

A Fly on the Curve

Clouds? What clouds??
{A pre-Covid fine day with contrails}

Point of Impact


Jean said...

Marvellous photos.
My favourite would be the one of the peeling paint.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

Jean, that one has done me proud in the Photocrowd judging....
It was on the garage doors of the house next to La Promenade in Le Petit-Pressigny as you come towards ours.... all gone now, they painted the doors this year!!