Tuesday, 13 March 2012

13th... Unlucky for some!

It is with regret that I have to report the probable passing on of our male Water Vole...
I have just returned from the village to find Jerry trotting towards me with something large in his jaws.
Large and dark.... it was a Water Vole... I managed to get it off him long enough to see that it was a mature male.

My greatest regret is that it wasn't the Rat that has recently taken to gleaning under the bird feeders.

Gleaning under the feeders.
Heard a seed drop!

I am happier that it wasn't a pregnant or lactating female Water Vole... we will be keeping our eyes peeled for signs of activity along the water's edge outside the kitchen window.... it might not have been OUR male....Jerry does go off to the banks of the Aigronne to hunt... and we haven't got through the bramble yet to see what's around down there..

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